Date: April 20th, 2023

Anderson for US Senate: Cannabis legalization is about more than getting high

MIDDLETON – Phil Anderson, candidate for US Senate, understands that there is more to the issue of legalizing cannabis that opponents realize, or care to admit.

“People do have the right to consume what they choose, as long as they are not harming anyone else. And cannabis consumption is less dangerous to individuals than drinking alcohol, unhealthy diets, and other behaviors. The most dangerous thing about cannabis is, in fact, that it is illegal, and in order to consume this plant, Wisconsinites have to break the law.

“But let's not ignore the fact that cannabis prohibition was and has been a policy with racist intent, and results. Furthermore, prohibition puts a strain on law enforcement, breaks up families, and because of that our education system is stressed, and otherwise law-abiding citizens end up in jail. Lastly, prohibition of cannabis enriches criminals and cartels, the same way prohibition of alcohol did in the 1020s.

Anderson continues “I dare say the evidence suggests that legalizing cannabis would improve our society- from family life to the economy to the criminal justice system- more than any other legislation currently under consideration. My opponent, as far I can tell, has not fought for cannabis to be rescheduled, or better yet de-scheduled, by the FDA. As the next Senator for Wisconsin, I’ll take up that fight on behalf of all of us, from children to law enforcement to taxpayers and teachers.

Anderson is a real estate broker residing in Middleton, WI, and is an active member in the state and local Libertarian Party along with his two children. He is the second candidate to officially declare a bid for the seat which is up for election on November 5, 2024.