MIDDLETON – Phil Anderson - longtime liberty advocate and torchbearer of restrained government, peace and freedom - will announce his candidacy for United States Senate on April 15th, at the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin state convention.

“The goal of my campaign is to unite people who realize that representative democracy has been broken by corruption. We can have different opinions on issues and policies, and that’s healthy- however, it doesn’t matter at all if corporate interests, including and especially the war cartel, control our government, economy, and media.

“We must join together to DISRUPT the CORRUPTION so that we can get back to civil debate on human rights, political and economic issues, and recognizing that we all do better when we recognize the best in each other.”

Foundational issues for the campaign will be peace - ending the wars and endless spending; Congressional transparency and efficiency - holding government accountable through initiatives such as “one subject at a time,” abolishing FISA, and ending qualified immunity; and rooting out cronyism, corruption, and collusion at the federal level.  

Anderson is a real estate broker residing in Middleton, WI and is an active member in the state and local Libertarian Party along with his two children. He is the first candidate to officially declare a bid for the seat which is up for election on November 5, 2024.

The LPWI state convention will be held at Potawatomi Hotel and Casino in Milwaukee, on April 14th-15th. Anderson’s campaign announcement will take place at 4:30 pm on the 15th and can be viewed live here: https://youtube.com/live/Rcczur-rWVM?feature=share . For more information about the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin, and the convention, go to LPWI.org.


| Email: [email protected]

Twitter: Phil4WI    | Facebook: facebook.com/4PhilAnderson


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