Middleton, Wisconsin – November 2nd, 2023 – Phil Anderson, the Libertarian candidate for the United States Senate in Wisconsin, is repeating his call for a ceasefire in the Middle East, advocating for peace and humanity as he has done throughout his career.

“Wars are started by lies- lies that dehumanize people, lies that allow the government to sell its influence to the military cartel, “says Anderson, himself a veteran. “The unrest in the Middle East was started by colonial empires, and made worse by the Western powers, including the US Government. Both sides have claims to the same land, and the only path to peace and justice is to cease hostilities and negotiate.”

Anderson has advocated for peace and against foreign policy interventionism his entire career.

"The information we are receiving from the combatants, through mainstream media, cannot be trusted." Anderson continues. "The US must use all of its influence to stop the bloodshed. There can be no justice for either Israel or Palestine until the killing is stopped. Any other course of action is a crime against humanity."

From Anderson’s campaign  “The federal government, via control of the 2 party system and its sponsors, have sacrificed our citizens' lives, health, economic resources, and the goodwill of our world neighbors - NOT for self-defense, but rather to enrich the military industrial complex which has effectively purchased control of it.

About Phil Anderson for Senate: Phil Anderson is a Libertarian Party candidate running for the United States Senate in Wisconsin. His campaign champions the principles of individual freedom, limited government, and personal responsibility as the foundation for a thriving society.

Phil Anderson For U.S. Senate-Cease Fire Now

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