Middleton, WI –  Phil Anderson, Libertarian candidate for the United States Senate in Wisconsin, is again receiving donations of crypto currency.

“I embrace new technology, and always have,” says Anderson. “Crypto currencies are a way to conduct business without the risk of the government-caused inflation and the devaluation of your dollars.”

Anderson’s 2018 Wisconsin gubernatorial campaign accepted donations in Bit coin, despite confusing WI statutes regarding crypto currency donations. The campaign is using Engage Raise, a well-regarded, reliable platform for receiving and reporting donations.

"The Wisconsin Legislature never clarified this issue, but that’s not my problem. Candidates from Rand Paul to now Ted Cruz are accepting crypto, and financial institutions, along with the SEC, are getting on board," continues Anderson. “In this case, the people are leading and the government is following. As the federal reserve continues to fail us and devalue the dollar, we won’t be told whether we can trade in crypto and neither should you.”

Engage Raise facilitates donations on the Ethereum network only. The campaign plans to add another platform to receive donations in Bit coin, and other crypto currencies in the near future.

Anderson for U.S. Senate-Accepting the Crypto Currencies


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