The Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Foundation sponsors debates for statewide campaigns in the fall of every election year. The WBA has criteria for debate inclusion: 10% support in at least one public poll, and raising $500,000 by the pre-primary reporting deadline of August 1st, 2024.

Why should you support this campaign with a donation, or a loan? Why is this campaign different? 

We are not running just a campaign but working to create an actual movement to Disrupt The Corruption. The momentum we are seeing is so incredible that we have the leadership in Republican Party reacting to our campaign. Phil has run for US Senate before and polled at 9% as an unknown. After 8 years of activism and campaign since, he is likely to poll above 10% once ballot access is secure. We also have seen broad support throughout the entire political spectrum. We have libertarians, MAGA, conservatives, liberals, and so many others actually supporting our efforts. Phil Anderson is the most viable non-uniparty candidate we have ever seen.

Would you be willing to help us build an even bigger audience by promoting our movement? 


We believe that people are ready for a change and many are disenchanted with the current state of affairs. We haven’t seen a time like this where more people are feeling distrusting of institutions and those in power. Now is the time to respond. We are working to establish a movement here in Wisconsin to #DisruptTheCorruption.