Phil Anderson, US Senate Candidate from Wisconsin, Challenges Biden Administration's Stance on Israel and Iran Conflict


Middleton, WI- April 18th, 2024 – Citing the recent drone attacks and subsequent threats of retaliation by Israel against Iran, Phil Anderson, Wisconsin candidate for United States Senate, calls for a new approach to US foreign policy, in the Middle East and globally as well. Anderson emphasizes the role of the US government in destabilizing the Middle East over the past century, and he urges a complete change towards a more constructive, peaceful, and free market-driven approach to US foreign policy. He argued that the United States should use its diplomatic and other non-coercive “soft” power leverage to encourage restraint and dialogue among all parties involved in the current conflicts.

"Supporting Israel's actions amid the Palestinian genocide and the escalating tensions with Iran WILL NOT lead to global peace," stated Anderson. "US foreign policy should be driven by two principles, both of them libertarian and humanitarian: those of free trade and avoiding entangling alliances. Rather than always adding fuel to the fires of war, we should be withdrawing support from foreign leaders who resort to coercion and violence to control their own nations and harm their neighbors."

As a candidate for the US Senate, Anderson pledged to prioritize diplomacy and advocate for policies that promote political stability and economic cooperation in a new international system. He called upon the Biden administration to reassess its stance, specifically, on the current Middle East crisis.  Based on the sound philosophical principles of not harming people nor stealing from them, Anderson wants a balanced and proactive approach to addressing the root causes of the wars in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Phil Anderson Candidate of Libertarian Party Wisconsin

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