Phil Anderson, Wisconsin's Pro-Peace Candidate for U.S. Senate, Takes a Stand Against the War in Ukraine

Middleton, Wisconsin – September 14th, 2023 – As the world watches with concern the situation unfolding in Ukraine, Phil Anderson, Libertarian candidate for the United States Senate from Wisconsin, has emerged as a steadfast advocate for peace and diplomacy. In contrast to the incumbent Senator Tammy Baldwin, Anderson is firmly against the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and advocates for a peaceful resolution to the crisis. His unwavering commitment to ending the war in Ukraine and promoting peaceful solutions is resonating with libertarians and independents, as well as with peace-loving Democrats and Republicans, across the state.

"I firmly believe that war is not the answer to our problems," Anderson stated. "It's essential that we prioritize peaceful negotiations and diplomacy to end the crisis in Ukraine. The lives of innocent people are at stake, and we must take every possible step to avoid further suffering."

Despite the urgency of the situation, Senator Tammy Baldwin has failed to support meaningful efforts to end the war in Ukraine. Her inaction and unwillingness to take a stand against military intervention, and rubber stamping of a bloated Pentagon budget, have left many questioning her commitment to the values they hold dear.

“Every war begins with lies, continues with corruption and profiteering, and ends with death and destruction, mostly of innocent people. This cycle needs to end, and when I’m serving Wisconsin in the US Senate, I’ll do everything humanly possible to end it,” continues Anderson. “We must continue to rally, to make our voices heard, and look for allies in Congress. Unfortunately, Senator Baldwin has not been an ally for peace and transparency.”

Phil Anderson's stance against the war in Ukraine aligns with the values of peace-loving Wisconsinites of all political backgrounds. His commitment to ending the conflict through diplomatic means reflects the desire for a more peaceful and just world.

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 Candidate of Libertarian Party of Wisconsin Phil Anderson take stand against the War in Ukraine

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