Freedom of speech is a basic human right- it belongs to humans. The only type of speech that needs to be regulated is that speech which incites or creates clear and present danger to the listener- i.e., yelling fire in a crowded theater. All speech, in every form, including hate speech, should be protected, as 'hate' can be pretty subjective, and the term misused.

Further, corporations should not be granted free speech rights. Rights are inherent in human beings, not granted by the government, and must be defended in the law. Corporations' rights were created by the government, originally from Supreme Court dissents in the late 1800s. The idea has been upheld ever since by the SCOTUS because it serves the corporate masters of the politicians who nominated the judges to the court in the first place. 

Lastly, whistleblowers and those who publish whistleblowers should be defended by law as well. If (actually, when) the government engages in illegal activity, the revelation and publication of that information must be protected as well.

As your Senator, I will support freedom of all speech, seek to nullify the idea of freedom of speech for corporations, pardon Edward Snowden and others, and end the persecution of Julian Assange. 

Phil Anderson-Your Vote Your Choice