As recent events have shown, civilian clashes with police can escalate quickly and when they do, they often have dire consequences. We need to change how police interact with the people they are sworn to protect. No-knock raids, abusive conduct, the use of excessive force, and the militarization of the police are all reasons for reform. Police should be accountable and held to the same laws they are sworn to uphold and protect, respecting both the rights of the accused and the innocent.

As your US senator, I will author a police reform bill to outlaw no-knock raids nationwide as a 4th Amendment rights violation; require that 20% of any federal funding for state and local police be used for mental health training and staff; and shut down the Dodd's Defense Logistics Agency 1033 program once and for all. My bill to eliminate qualified immunity will also bring the ability to hold police accountable when they violate an individual’s constitutional rights.