I am 100% anti-aggression and anti-war and believe that the only lawful, moral use of force is in self-defense. Our US government, however, has been engaged in immoral violence for over 70 years - starting wars and proxy wars, toppling democratically-elected governments, and bombing innocent people. We must rise up to stop this madness. The federal government, via control of the 2 party system and its sponsors, have sacrificed our citizens' lives, health, economic resources, and the goodwill of our world neighbors - NOT for self-defense, but rather to enrich the military industrial complex which has effectively purchased control of it.

Wars are begun with lies - lies that are told by the government, amplified by the compliant mainstream media, and believed by Americans who have been deprived of legitimate sources of accurate information. As your senator, I will:

  1. Fight to free Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and others;
  2. Fight to reduce the influence of the military-industrial complex and refuse to meet with its lobbyists;
  3. Insist that all military actions abroad be sanctioned by a vote of Congress;
  4. Seek to sell our foreign military installations and return ALL our troops home; and
  5. Promote a foreign policy based on free markets, economic cooperation, and non-aggression.

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