Everyone has the right to buy, sell, save, and otherwise engage in commerce with whatever currency they choose. Digital currency, called crypto currency (Bitcoin, etc.), have unique advantages and risks when used as currency or a store of value. However, it is not the government's role to regulate or prohibit digital currencies.

Blockchain technology, the underlying backbone of crypto currencies, holds tremendous promise for accountability and transparency not only in regards to finance, but in law and database activity as well. #Blockchain technology is already being incorporated into the technical infrastructure of banking, insurance, and real estate worldwide. Units of government would be wise to consider using block chain technology to combat election fraud, assist in speedily complying with open records requests, and other functions. However, this is not to advocate that the federal government should be involved in creating or codifying a Central Bank Digital Currency (CDBC). Imagine if the federal government were to try to force a CDBC on Americans, or the rest of the world, using the same lethal force and illegal tactics they've used to promote the dollar? Added to that nightmare, the federal government would have access to every citizen's financial information, without a warrant, and without permission. The government would own all of your private information.

As your senator, I will fight against regulation of crypto currencies, unless their activities become fraudulent or otherwise illegal. I will stand against the creation of a CDBC to protect your privacy and the health and safety of all. I will also help the federal government consider using block chain technology to increase the transparency and accountability of its operations.